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Welcome to The Green Coat Catering Co. A long time coming… many friends made and lessons learned along the way. After spending 20+ years in the banking and mortgage industries (all the while threatening to “open my own place one day”) we are finally legit! Thank you to my wife, my children and my family who pushed me to chase this dream. Thank you to my extended families for making me a part of your parties, weddings and anniversaries “to practice” and thank you to my partner Carl for having the same “catering” dreams and putting our ideas and talents together; you are my mentor and brother. For those of you who are not familiar with us, or our work, pardon the clichés but The Green Coat Catering Company is different. Central Florida holds many talented chefs and cooks - but we invite you to taste and see what a new spin on old favorites taste like and judge for yourself what sets us apart from the others. Lastly, please be sure to visit us here often to see what we are up to… where we are going… and what we are cooking up next.  Thanks for dropping in. Many blessings to you all and be well.

– Rich Poole