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Wine Tasting with Green Coat Catering!

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wine tasting
wine tasting
​Certainly a glass of wine can be enjoyed by itself, but it’s much more pleasurable to taste different wines with food. After all, most likely how you'll be drinking them--in the real world of daily meals. 

With that in mind, consider hosting a wine-tasting party and having Green Coat Catering provide the food.  Tell us what type of wines you will be sampling and we will create a menu to enhance your wines.  For instance we can create a menu of Italian appetizers to go with Italian wines, or do a tour of Asian cuisines with world Rieslings, or regional American food with American wines. The combinations are endless.

Our recommendation when you are doing a tasting; be sure you have several choices of wines to choose from; first take a few small sips of each wine to get a sense of the wine before you eat. Then pour a few more small sips from each bottle and compare with the food. See what you find out--the results may surprise you. A wine that tasted deep and delicious as a sipper by itself may turn out to overwhelm one dish or it might be perfect with the next.

This sort of tasting is fun, and it's also useful. Next time you're having, say, Eggplant Parmesan for dinner, you'll remember how well--perhaps to your surprise--the California Cabernet Sauvignon paired with it at your wine-tasting party.  As always Green Coat Catering Co. would be glad to assist you in any way to make your Wine Tasting party or any party a success.